Thing 1: Blogs and Blogging

I have started and stopped several blogs over the years. My most successful venture was with My Greenwood Life. It was a mixture of personal and professional stuff. The focus was all things that were great about my town. Of course, the library played a prominent role! When I moved out of Greenwood, I abandoned the blog (although I haven’t deleted it yet).

I currently have a personal Tumblr. I themed it to highlight my Florida life. It is basically a one-way conversation with my parents with photos of stuff my husband and I do in our new life in the land of sun and sand. It is so self absorbed that no one besides my parents would ever read it, but I keep it up as a communication method with them. A lot can be shared with pictures, video and short posts.

I would like to highlight with this kendrabookgirl blog my professional related activities. I plan to include reviews of books, webinars, conferences, and other professional development activities I take part in. I also plan on talking about library related topics and my opinions on them. I also would like to comment on others’ blogs with this blog address and use this as a place to respond to things I read and want to talk about.

So here I go – a new job and a new blog! 



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