The Accidental Library Marketer by Kathy Dempsey

There are no easy answers when it comes to marketing library services, and Kathy Dempsey does not sugar coat this fact in her groundbreaking 2009 work The Accidental Library Marketer. Successful library marketing is an evidence-based process rooted in knowing the patron base, creating programs specifically tied to their needs, and then letting them know about those services in ways that are convenient for them in whichever manner they wish to be notified. Contrary to popular industry belief, library marketing is not just one person’s job; it is, in fact, a way of life for library staffs who desire to stay relevant to their publics. While the first few chapters can seem intimidating, especially to eager but inexperienced librarians picking up this book wishing to gain greater exposure for their beloved organizations, tangible bite-sized nuggets of wisdom start shining through via case studies involving actual libraries that have used these same approaches successfully. Dempsey’s tips for obtaining staff and administration buy-in as well as ways of implementing the cycle of marketing make this book a good buy.


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